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Fashionable clothing for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a bilateral or double mastectomy surgery, without reconstruction. 

Unlike the pocketed mastectomy bras and mastectomy camisoles in the market today which feature heavy and restrictive elastics along the bra band and shelf bra to support the remaining breast in a single mastectomy survivor, Complete Shaping has eliminated the heavy and restrictive elastics since the double mastectomy survivor does not have a remaining breast and simply does not need a heavy shelving unit for support.  

Complete Shaping's patented garments do not contain the binding or restrictive elastics along the bra line, mastectomy scar or lymphadenectomy scar.  So there is no tight band across the chest -- a precaution against the heightened lymphedema risk -- leaving just soft smooth fabric against the skin and scars. 

Plus, instead of buying two insertable breast prosthesis and a pocketed garment, Complete Shaping garments have lightweight breast prostheses already sewn in, so no need to purchase additional breast forms, and no need for further assembly.  Just put on the top and go. Breast prosthetics and top all-inclusive at an affordable price.

This is a comfortable solution for bilateral mastectomy survivors for all day wear for all their daily activities.