About us

Complete Shaping® apparel was created by a breast cancer survivor who had a bilateral mastectomy and the removal of many lymph nodes.  Like many breast cancer survivors, she searched unsuccessfully to find a non-irritating and painless way to wear breast prostheses.  After living flat for 8 years and hearing the same complaints from other breast cancer survivors, she decided to develop a way to wear breast forms that was non-restrictive (a precaution because of the heightened lymphedema risk), soft on the surgical scars, and could be worn comfortably all day long. She is so pleased with the shaping and comfort of her garment made especially for mastectomy survivors that her goal, along with the help of her family, is to assist other brave survivors trying to comfortably regain their natural form.

 A note of thanks...

A huge thank you to our beautiful, authentic models, Joan and Christell, both breast cancer survivors who have undergone a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction, for being so gracious to model our garments.